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    Friday, March 21, 2008

    It starts early in our family...

    While sitting down to dinner John was talking to Jack about his water and used the sign when he said it. Dory then started using the sign too and proclaimed that hers was better formed and that John was doing it wrong. (He wasn't and hers wasn't either.)

    A few minutes later John made a comment about how smart Mommy was, looking for agreement from Dory. Dory just said, "Uh..." as in, 'let me think on that one, I'm not so sure.' John thought she said "no." but I'm just glad I have some wit left about me according to her. At least she had to think about it. BTW- she's still thinking. No answer yet.

    Boy, not even 4 years old yet and already living with 2 imbeciles!



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