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    Thursday, March 13, 2008

    And tomorrow is for our Princess Dorothy

    We are taking her to see a Castle. She knows we have a grand adventure planned, but not where we are going. She has seen pictures of Biltmore Estate the past few days laying around. She even pointed out that the castle has a crown on. Seriously, it does! She mentioned while looking at the pictures she found that one day she would like to go there.
    Well, Friday her dream comes true of going to see it. We are so excited for her. We plan on telling her as soon as we get the car loaded for the day. Taking as she sees fit, we will follow her lead for the day. If she wants to run around the gardens, we will. If she wants to stay in the house, we will... If she wants to just sit and stare at it... um, ok, we'll have to get her moving then.

    Happy Birthday Princess Dorothy. Your very own castle for a day.

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    Blogger Ted said...

    So how did it go?

    3:31 PM  
    Blogger Jenny said...

    In a word - wonderfully.

    12:37 PM  

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