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    Tuesday, March 11, 2008

    Mommy Days

    I'm having some rough ones. Seriously losing my composure.
    Don't get me wrong, I ADORE my children... but my near 4 year old is about to have my wrath unleashed upon her. Most days are fine, but yesterday was particularly bad... pushing little limits, but no big ones. I should have started the day out with a spanking, but I didn't. We did a ton of time outs and lectures and I raised my voice several times.... I should have just spanked once. Today is shaping up the same. My voice is about to go from yelling. I hate to yell. But seriously, she is just like me. Headstrong and takes nothing seriously, way to opinionated and strong willed. She knows just where the limits are too. I hate to spank. Really and seriously hate it, besides, it really does not work well with her. It causes just as many issues as it fixes... but I have been pushed to the edge and I am about to unleash some mommy wrath. But if she makes her brother scream one more time while giggling through it....

    K, rant over, I feel a bit better now. ;)



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