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    Thursday, March 06, 2008

    R E A D = 'read'

    I think Dory is reading now. The last few days she has been hopping up in my lap, pointing at letters in words, telling me what they are and then telling me the word. I do not know if it is more a memorization of the book, the picture or reading per se. I'm all for helping her along though! We were going to wait until closer to ago 7 when her brain was fully wired for reading to really start, but if she is taking this upon herself, well... more power to her!

    A(called it E) I R P L(called it T) A I N = airplane! :)



    Blogger Stephanie said...

    Austin was reading solid in pre-kindergarten around age five, but it is possible for them to keep building on what they already know, and she sure is! Austin read eight Junie B books that are 8-10 chapters each yesterday, I'm glad he has something he enjoys to read!

    9:41 AM  

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