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    Saturday, February 16, 2008

    Big Bad, oh Bother.

    Oh, my.

    When I taught myself to knit several years ago I started a lime green Big Bad Baby Blanket for Dory. I picked a color to match her room and a yarn I liked at the time.

    I hate it now.

    This blanket will never end.

    Granted, it's been hibernating for a long time, and I only work on it occasionally... but still. I am just now almost half way. I hate this blanket.

    John says I should just let it go and stop.

    I can't. I just can not quit on it when I have so very much time into it. But, if nothing else, I have learned that there is one very important lesson for me: short instant gratification projects for me only. Or something that can be at least pieced together and looks like I actually DID something if worked on for an hour or two. Seriously. I hate this blanket.

    Ack, back to knitting. Where's the Cool Scarf?



    Blogger doreen said...

    poor J, it will get there. . . eventually. have you found the rest of the yarn you need yet?

    12:17 AM  

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