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    Monday, February 04, 2008

    Did you hear?

    That gigantic ROAR that leapt from our living room last night? That was John, Dory and Jack cheering in disbelief over the final few minutes of the Super Bowl as John's longtime 'home' team WON. (I even have a picture of the hoopla that I'm forbidden to post.)

    Dory was the reason they won, as my superstitious sweetheart will tell you. She perched herself on his shoulders for the 4th quarter and did all sorts of wonderful cheers. Every major play, there she was rooting them on. John has tried hard not to push his love of the Giants on her, since her official home team is the Panthers. I've told him I think he is crazy, of all things to push on her, football would be the best. LOL Well, she caught the fever last night. I don't know how this will affect her love of Jake (why she latched on him, I don't know), but she is a Giants fan as well as a Panthers one... that is for sure. It must be true, she helped them win the game.

    It was a beautiful Daddy-Daughter moment. A true blissful memory.

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