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    Monday, May 05, 2008

    This is what I reap.

    Okay... So I signed up for another swap a few weeks back. This one for lovely, amazingly soft, coveted Malabrigo yarn. I sent my package out today to my partner. So, until she receives it, I'm done. What do I decide to do in the interim? LOL - snoop on my upline to figure out who they are.

    So, I look at my site's stats. I see Andy, Ba, Steph, the Dr's plural (congrats Heather!!!), and a few other places... and I see Oklahoma. Repeated several times. I cross reference it with locations of people in my group that could potentially be my partner.

    Smart, huh?

    I find one. I get excited. I stalk her for an hour, browsing her flickr and ravelry things... then I look up, for kicks, the rest of the group.

    *GULP* there are two of them. Friends. Both in my group. ACK! So, who is she? Well, I can't figure out how to see who was first to my site. Not that it would matter anyway, I can't tell their ISPs or anything and neither has talked about their type of computer or browser. One marked my purse as a favorite. Would a real stalker be so bold? Or would her friend who went to check out the 1st lady's downline? See, I'd mark one of Doreen's stalkees... but not my own. But, would someone else think like me? IDK!

    THIS is what I get for snooping. Oh, the karma. Good thing I don't believe in karma.

    Besides, I should be knitting... I have a Mother's Day gift to get finished. *sigh*

    So, anyway... I see you Mrs. Oklahoma... kinda'.

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    Blogger KnitterMama said...

    this is all fascinating to me. i am going to have to get some stats on my site.

    9:34 PM  
    OpenID brunettemama said...

    You are too hilarious!!! Your inner dialogue is fantastic (sounds just like me)! But how naughty to see your statistics...I had no idea you could do that!

    And how cheeky of Michelle to tag one of your purses as a favorite. She never told me she did that!

    Okay, now OT...I saw in your FO's that you make soakers. How do those work for y'all?

    10:11 PM  

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