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    Wednesday, May 21, 2008

    Workspace coming along

    I posted a few weeks ago about cleaning out the guest room for Tricia... who decided to move back towards Anderson. In the process of all of that I was setting up shelving and cubbies for my yarn, fabric and other crafty things so that they had a place of their own out of little hand's reach and off of the kitchen table. So far, so good... it's coming right along, and I thought you might like to see! It's still not finished, but great progress is being made.

    Just something as simple as thread organization is huge to me. Can you imagine digging through all of this thread in a bin in order to find one spool? I can, and it's a nightmare. This just thrills me. :)
    Soon, we hope to move the bed out and pt up even more cubes so I can spread out a bit more and I would love to get a cozy chair and move my floor lamp in too. A quiet knitting corner, as well as a great place for a daily devotional. *sigh* :D

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    Blogger KnitterMama said...

    Wow. Do you sew as well? I would really love to learn...

    9:27 PM  
    Blogger Jenny said...

    Links on the right ---> for JonquilMom Slings and More ;)

    9:33 PM  
    Blogger doreen said...

    coolio, it's coming along quite well. Isn't it good to have order in our crafty chaos?

    10:03 PM  

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