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    Monday, May 19, 2008

    Mary Jo's Trip

    I should know a trip to the fabric store costs me a ton. I never get out of there for under 50$. I have no idea why. I will say, however, that the kids were so very well behaved in there today. I was so impressed with Dory especially! So often, it is a massive chore to go and to take them both, which I do every time. This time, Dory was so well behaved, considering the environment. She wanted lots of buttons, all of which we put back, but for the first time I did not have to confine her to the stroller. Thank goodness, because I did not have it with me. I had promised her that if she was well behaved that we would go to a 'nature museum' afterwards. However, she decided that she was hungry, so we went came home first for some food. From there... she got whiney, crabby and then hit full out meltdown mode. So, off to bed she went. After a nice nap, it was too late to go... we had to pick up John from work. Lesson learned for her! (I hope.)

    Now, about fabric... I found some really pretty ones. My thought is to take some of her little cheap tank tops and add a sewn on fabric skirt to them so she has some play dresses. We'll see how they go. I think if I do it right, they could be potentially really cute. I still need to add a skirt and buttons to her crocheted dress top. It's pretty much snoozing until I figure out what I am doing with it, besides I have a ton of knitting going right now anyway.

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    Blogger doreen said...

    drool, I wish I could have come along. I guess I'll just have to plan my own trip. . . that is if I dare to brave it.

    10:02 PM  

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