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    Monday, June 09, 2008


    Noooo, not Body Odor... I'm Binding Off, on the Hemlock blanket! I made it to row 82 and with the prodding of a few others decided I best call it quite unless I wanted to buy another skein. The BO on this blanket is unlike any other I have done and is supposed to take about 4 hours to do. That's unheard of for you non-knitters! BO is a really quick and simple thing usually! But nooooooo, not for this bad girl... she's got to have crazy loopy edges that take an eon to finish....
    But, I'll give my love and time and finish her right. I'll be happy to move onto new projects, and I didn't end up going so long that I hated this project. Maybe sometime I will make another....

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