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    Saturday, June 14, 2008

    Lavender, Japanese Beetles and Bees

    My lavender bush has gone absolutely nuts, and I have promised all sorts of people lavender stalks for their yarn stashes... and it wouldn't be an issue if every bee in the city wasn't ON IT. I have never seen something so happily swarmed since I was a little kid and the green flowers on the bushes in the side yard back home. And, even then, this might just be *more*. So much for the bee population waning, as my lavender is singlehandedly supporting several species!
    That said, John also gushed a Japanese Beetle on it this morning, right after killing tens off of our Azalea bushes out front. We thought we were doing great on that front so far this year. We had not seen very many, well, now we know why. They are eating the Azaleas!

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    Blogger Yankee John said...

    For the record, this is not a bush but merely a slightly underachieving hedge. I expect German gun emplacements in no time.

    10:14 PM  

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