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    Saturday, August 23, 2008

    FO: Lucky Charms

    I got back to them after a few larger yarn projects and when close to the ribbing ripped an inch out to redo it. I did a sewn bind off at the suggestion of a Ravelry swap partner. :) Whew! Glad to be done! My first SOCKS! SQUEE!
    Lessons learned: My toes went too wide, and I just did a decrease rather than ripping back so the toe is pretty wide. The heel is similar, I made too many turns and have a pointy heel that makes the sock a bit too long. I could have fitted the sock to my foot better with correcting just those two things, but if I were to do over I would take a stitch or two out of the bottom to stretch them over my foot better. So, on to the next socks with lots of lessons learned and one pretty cool pair to rock with my Birks. Do you think they clash? ;) you can tell me...

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    They are absolutely gorgeous! I want some so bad, its crazy! But I won't bother you about them...I have an older male friend who knits and may make me some more socks!

    8:45 PM  

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