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    Wednesday, August 20, 2008

    Cold and Vitamins

    So we played alot with Ba and her kids over the last 2 days.  We had a great time... but as we were leaving yesterday LJ came down with a cold.  Oops!  In trying to NOT catch it we started dosing on our vitamins and Zicam.  FIL called yesterday to say that Grandma was sick and wondering if we still wanted him to babysit today.  I told him I didn't want to battle 2 germs at once anyway, so just take good care of Grandma. (She had a tummy bug.)  
    All has gone as planned until this morning when I had just given Jack his vitamins and was dosing Dory with the Zicam.  Jack got a piece caught in his throat and decided to give e all 3 vitamin chews back.  On the carpet.  They were red.  *sigh*  
    So, Doreen...  any sage words of experience for me?
    So, Ba...  was this the type of baby blog you were hoping for? muhahahaha  (I hope LJ is feeling better.)

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    Blogger Becky said...

    So glad to finally be able to read about your life and the kids ;) You did a great job on the walk, it is supposed to kick your butt! L.J. is doing ok, but I think Cissy is catching it. She has sneezed about a million times today, hopefully it won't be as bad in her. Thanks for coming to play, we really missed you.

    4:48 PM  

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