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    Tuesday, August 26, 2008

    2am bonding time

    Dory woke late last night from a bad dream. Apparently in her dream Jack had hit her in the neck a few times... she was afraid to go back to sleep and had wanted to go sleep in Mommy and Daddy's bed. She said that she never had bad dreams in Mommy and Daddy's bed, but did in hers. John was already asleep, and still sick, and I wasn't heading to bed just yet since we all took a lonnnggggg nap on Monday afternoon so... I brought her downstairs with me.
    So, we girls sat together late last night, cuddling in the chair, Mommy knitting on Ernest and both of us watching the Olympics Closing Ceremonies. (Yes, that happened several days ago, but I hadn't watched it and had it TiVo'd. It's what was on when I heard her cry upstairs.) It was a great hour at 2am. :) We giggled, talked about double decker busses and how Mommy has been to London but never got to ride on one... talked about bad dreams and good ones, even though she wouldn't tell me any... laughed over Dory's dance interpretation of the London dancers - roboting her hear around... marveled at the flame being extinguished. She said, "I'm always going to remember that bird's nest."
    She asked if I had been to China, but I had to tell her no... but that Sherry at the bookstore had! We'll be heading in there on Friday, maybe she'll tell us about it. :)

    I wish I had made a goofy picture to post of the two of us... but I didn't. Oh, well.

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