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    Thursday, August 17, 2006

    She is getting so big....

    Well, we headed out to the presale for Tot Trade with Mrs. Sarah tonight and were there much longer than I could have guessed... But we did a great shopping job. That was why Dory was up so late tonight. It was 10pm when I finally dropped her over the baby gate at the nursery door to go and fill her water cup. When I got back she told me that she had water... But it was one that she couldn't take into the bed with her so we traded. She then put it in the bed and asked for the ritual hair. Instead of telling me that I needed to come in, she then closed the door on me and went straight to bed. All by herself. She is getting so big. She put herself to bed tonight.

    That was after a day of smearing peanut butter on the furniture, spilling the entire contents of the baking soda box in the bathroom and marking the ottoman with a blue crayon.. I guess she was tired. I know that I am.


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