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    Friday, August 18, 2006

    Terrible Twos.

    So, after the baking soda, crayons, and peanut butter from the other day....

    Today has been followed by lotion everywhere, soaping the floors, repeatedly grabbing things off the counter top and opening the DVD drawers.

    -She wanted to see Kermit.
    -She wanted lotion. (Got it off the counter top.)
    -She gave herself a haircut. (Yes, she really did. She has a section or two that is nearly bald. The shears were beside the lotion.)
    -She needed more soap, and then the soap was dirty.
    -She is NOT listening. To anything I say.

    And, no. I was paying attention to her. *sigh*
    I need a break, and the house is a wreck.
    I could keep going.....


    Blogger Wandering along.... said...

    Oh! I love that post! I have been there! Several times!!! Your discription was so poetic. And I know that it will warm your heart one day :) It did mine. Keep up the GREAT mommy work!!! Thanks for sharing.

    11:34 PM  

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