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    Friday, September 01, 2006


    Just shoot me now.

    The lawn man for next door came 5 minutes after I got Dory to sleep, waking her up. I wonder how many pregnant mommy neighbors he gets confronted by who are extremely unhappy. At least me. She woke up, immediately, and here it is 5pm, and she has still not slept.

    She has however managed to pull the bucket out of the hall way and into her room.
    In it? My sewing shears.
    What did she do? Cut through 2 bed sheets, one pink Carter's and one much nicer and not cheap yellow Pottery Barn, and the pillow case that actually matches the master bedrooms set b/c it was one of those and pillow.

    *@^$&@$&%@$ **&#^$* &^$*&^ %*&#^% *&@#&^ #%*&^ $&&$^@ #&#*&%# *&#^%*#^!!!!!!!!!

    (The upside: her duvet cover, chair blanket, wool mattress pad and new fabric mattress are completely intact. I think. It's a bloody miracle.)


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