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    Monday, August 28, 2006

    A traumatic morning... *poop warning

    --Either we will be in diapers for a long time or she will be fully self potty trained next week.--

    Last Tuesday night as she was taking her bath she accidentally pooped in the tub. She commenced screaming her head off about the offending floater... and about how it was not supposed to be there. She sat on the potty for several minutes attempting to go more but could not and was very disappointed. I put her back in a clean tub for a rinse off, and she was, shall we say, less than thrilled.

    Speed forward to Thursday night and she had been really dirty and in need of a bath and a diaper change... I didn't want to put a clean cloth diaper on her just to place her in the tub in a few minutes so I let her run around naked for the time span. She decided that she was hungry and sat in her chair that has straps that she always fastens and settled in for a bowl of coveted oatmeal. Then... dun dun dun dun.... she began to poop. She couldn't get away, she was strapped in- although she was doing her absolute best to stand up and get away from it. She commenced screaming her head off about the offending poop in the chair... and how it was not supposed to be there. *sigh*
    Off to the bath... and more about how she 'could not poop' in the bath tub.

    So, this morning.... oh yes, it continues.
    After her oatmeal (diaper clad mind you) she was beyond a wipe down so I thought, "It's bath time!". She was all for it until I put her in the warm water. I have never seen her cry and scream and carry on like she did. Bath time just a short week ago was a great and fun time filled with toys, not listening to mommy about keeping water in the tub and 'swimming'.
    As of this morning, that appears to be gone. She wanted to sit on the potty, she wanted back in the tub, back on the potty, back in the tub, and then into mommy's arms where she was covering her butt and claiming that she NEEDED a diaper. She even had me hold her butt cheeks closed as I was holding her for fear something would come out.
    Then she saw the starfish that sits over the toilet (my stool for bathtime) we talked about how starfish and fishies poop in the water and it is no big deal... about how it is okay if Dory does too. She isn't buying it. [As a side note, I'm not even sure I want her to buy it... I don't care for fishing out floaters! Isn't the point of potty training to get them to understand that the potty is the place to go?!?! What else am I going to do to calm a frantic poop traumatized child though?]

    We then placed a new diaper on her still oatmeal covered self and rocked for 15 minutes.... she is now sleeping because she wore herself out with the fear of pooping with out a diaper on. Apparently it's no big deal if her butt is covered in it as long as a diaper is on... she'll even lie about needing a new diaper if she's busy with something. :shock:


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