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    Sunday, October 01, 2006

    Let's see....


    The crib is back up in it's new life as Jack's bed. :) Another thing scratched off the nesting list. Now I want to paint glow in the dark stars on Dory's ceiling as a treat for her. A house cleaner is due by in another week to help us with the layer of dirt and dog hair we have. Now, if I could just get the home birth supplies cheaply rounded up without patronizing Wal-Mart, whom I boycott.

    Pregnancy (33 days till due date),
    Yesterday my hips started hurting like HELL. The pubic bone hurt a few weeks ago, but this is certainly different. It's excruciating to move at times in certain directions, so I am trying to keep up with my exercises -- they should help some.
    I actually read last night that -seriously- belly dancing is supposed to help in labor and contractions. So, yep, I'll break out the belly dancing kit that we got last Christmas at the Sunday School White Elephant party and start practicing. (Attached to it was the pic of a newborn in the class-- a warning of what use of this would do for you. There was quite a bidding war on it! We then created a waiting list for it... And we are all due in the next two months. Apparently the waiting list is dangerous too....) Maybe the finger cymbals will help.... I wonder if the little stick-on jewels will stay put during a waterbirth... humm.....
    Anyway, other than that, I feel great still and this am was the first time that my ring finger was swollen enough that I was not sure I should be wearing it, it did come off easily though... I still don't swell often or for long.

    I finally got my hands on some PUL (waterproof fabric often used for dipes)(Thank you Sharon!!!) and made a diaper hanging pail/liner for upstairs so that I don't have to remember to bring every singe one down until wash day. And the whole thing will go straight into the wash. Now to make a wet bag for the diaper bag as well.
    I also made my first ring sling.... And it might just be the HUGE belly in the way, but at the moment, it is just NOT comfy.... Maybe the fabric is too stiff still... I guess I'll figure it out soon. On that same subject, I am very close to having a buckling Mei Tai up for sale on my sling site, Ba has the FrankenTai prototype at the moment and is keeping me informed of all of it's shortcomings.

    And, now on a food related note, we started this week with a local food co-op for natural foods... We get 100% grass fed organic raw milk, cheeses and meats straight from a farmer twice a month and order our other foods such as cereal and regular items from a catalog once a month for 20-40% off grocery store prices! That is on top of our organic produce delivery we get every two weeks... And let me tell you, the apples are the best! The three groups will cover just about everything except the massive amounts of bananas that we go through every two days and the horrible for you treats that we will occasionally still want to consume. It feels good to have it pretty much figured out before Jack got here and I was too busy to learn how it all works. This also means far fewer trips to the grocery for us, something that I think will be quite enjoyable.
    Also, John is on another wonderful bread baking spell. He has in teh past two days produced some of his all time best loaves. One Half Wheat & Rye loaf and one Oatmeal Raisen loaf. Yummmmmm.

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    Blogger Ted said...

    So why are you boycotting Wal-Mart? Not that there aren't many good reasons.

    10:10 PM  

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