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    Monday, October 16, 2006

    Serving Jury Duty

    So, here it is, 1am, and I have to be up and at 'em in 6 hours in order to serve Jury Duty today... what am I still doing up? I don't know. I made cookies earlier tonight, watched Spanglish (which was really cute, BTW) and now I am updating my iPod with Enya's first album (the black and white one) among other things in order to have things to do while sitting on my bum for hours. I have a great childbirth book to reread, knitting that I can do, and a fluff parenting magazine to take with me as well. I will have to pack my lunch when I get up. John is taking the day off to stay home with Dory, and has fully warned me that the house should be a wreck when I return.... I am secretly hoping that they clean up a little bit since the house got dirty again this wekend with all of the other things we accomplished on the nesting list. I don't want to feel like I have to clean as soon as I go into labor... which I might add, I've been having warm up contractions for some of the night. Not labor, but still... not quite the Braxtons that I have had all pregnancy long. With Dory I had a weeks worth of warming up, which I just leaned this evening has a name - prodromal labor. I wonder if I will have this again, or if my body will just kick into gear this time. Hey, maybe I'll freak out the court and go into labor there.... nah, but it's a funny thought.... much like the kids in the neighborhood who ignore the blatenly off porch light on Halloween getting an eyeful of a homebirth.... TRICK OR TREAT!!! hahahahahahahahah..... the idea just thrills me for some sick reason.

    Ack, now my iPod doesn't want to register on the computer and update... I hate to wipe and reformat it again... i certianly don't have the time tonight. I guess it is off to bed for me.

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