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    Monday, October 09, 2006

    So.... we've cleaned.

    We cleaned all weekend long,3 long days for me, two for John, with the exception of a football game and a short excursion to the Ren Fest.... but the house has never looked better. We hired help to do the actual dirt pick-up and did a ton of laundry and putting away ourselves. It feels really good to have finally gotten something really tangable dine. John didn't even blink when I gave him his list to do.... as I said, still wearing my wedding band!
    So, Sadie, out heroic cleaning lady, was here ALL DAY - quite literally - and never did run screaming from the house. I am beyond impressed!!! I have to sweep down a few cobwebs, but all in all, the whole house is now clean and dirt free... from the ceiling fans to the base boards and everything in between! (Now, I'll be honest, John peeked into the microwave and seemed a bit disappointed when I told him that was not included...) Mopped, vaccumed, cleaned the bathrooms (she was a granted sainthood instantly for that one), our faucets sparkle, the library shelves are dust free, the cabinet doors are clean and dust free as well!
    We are getting really close to being ready for this new addition!



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