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    Monday, November 06, 2006

    Of eggs and foreheads...

    Dory wacked herself REALLY well about an hour ago... and now has a massive egg on her forehead. She was running around the powder room with a friend and had her babylegs on, half on her feet, and like socks, she caught the corner wrong and took a dive - right into the metal stripped corner of the wall. A serious dive! Almost immediately she looked like she had a third eyeball on the right side... about that size and blue like her eyes. After some milk and an episode of Seseme Street she seems to be just fine... but I bet we will be just a bit whiny for the day. (She will be just fine.)



    Blogger becky said...

    BTW, Uncle John said that the new Jack pic at the top looks like a Jedi ;)

    5:19 PM  

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