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    Friday, November 03, 2006

    Life is good

    So, here we are, day 4 of a four person family. Life is good. Jack is sleeping well, Dory is adjusting, and life is calming down some. Family has all been to visit at least once, and I know they all want to come back, but we are trying not to overload on visitors here... for all of our sakes. I don't think any of us can handle too very much right now, but we are doing perfectly at the moment.

    Jack is feeding well, but when he is awake, nearly constantly. However, when he's sleeping... forget it, so we are not too sleep deprived this go around. I wonder if that shoe will drop this time?

    John is off work for 2 weeks, so I have him around for one more week, and he has been everything I have needed! He's been awesome, taking care of Dory in the morning and bringing me breakfast in bed. He's changing diapers at night and running errands when needed. I am trying hard to make sure he slows down and doesn't overdo it. ;) He's prone to such things being a superhero and all.... Now, the only thing to really complain about is that I look like I just had massive breast implants; and it hurts like it too. But, again.... I guess that is not an honest complaint, since I do want to be breastfeeding and that is how the body works it. I should be thankful that the milk is in, and so very early at that! (It only took me 24 hours to start and 2 days to be fully and painfully engorged.)

    Dory is adjusting better than I imagined. She has most certainly had moments of "Um, this is great fun, but I want Mommy back" but they are not that often and are easily handled with a little bit of one on one time. we've read books and cuddled away from the commotion as well as played hard and held Jack on several occasions. Today has been very quiet and it has finally been just us. Not one tantrum today, and things have gone very smoothly. Whew.

    Me? I'm healing quite well. Everyday I feel even better, and something different is sore each day as well. all of the swelling is gone, and it is just a little bruising to heal. Other than that different muscle groups keep taking turns for stiff and sore. But seriously, I feel so much better than I did after Dory was born it is remarkable! Maybe it's my Grandmother's prayers and my Superhero Husband.



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