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    Friday, March 09, 2007

    TTM & TMI

    Well, it is pretty safe to say, Dory has completed Potty Training. She holds it longer than I thought she could when out and about and does a really good job of letting me know when she has to go. Tonight after we put her to bed (still in a diaper with panties on top) she started yelling that she had to potty. John finally heard her and went upstairs to check and she had removed her panties just in case we didn't get to her in time an she had to use the diaper... LOL. She made it to the potty and she went, apparently a lot.

    But, on to the real story here. Dory had all of her hair cut off on Wednesday at the Aveda Institute. She has Toddler Trichotillomania and it has become much worse since Jack has been born. I could write a book on this right now, and to a certain extent, do paln to... but right now I must get to bed. Bottom line it, she's bald and fine while Mommy is a little bit traumatized and ready to punch the lady at the grocery who kept gushing over my sons and how handsome he was, when she was in head to toe PINK. And NO, she was NOT talking about Jack. >:( But, so far, so good. No hair to pull so no pulling. Here's to hope that the cycle will break.

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    Blogger becky said...

    I think she is a perfect peanut know matter what her hair looks like! I know its hard for you, as the Mommy though!

    1:43 PM  
    Blogger becky said...

    can you believe I just spelled "no" as "know" ... stupid pregnancy!

    1:44 PM  
    Blogger Alexandra said...

    I hate people like that. When I was in 5th grade my grandmother got breaste cancer, and chemo, so she lost all of her hair. I decided I wanted to be like her so I convinced my mom to let my buzz all of my hair off. Even head to toe in pink people still assumed I was a boy.

    I did it again in high school as a rebellion thing and people STILL thought I was a boy (I have size C breasts, and while I don't wear low cut tops, they are visible). It was ridiculous.

    3:11 PM  
    Blogger Alexandra said...

    Wow, sorry for all the the spelling errors :/

    3:12 PM  

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