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    Wednesday, April 18, 2007

    The pitFALLS of Dressup....

    Came today when Dory launched herself down the stairs at 11:45am. She had on a dress, flip flops, had her purse and sunglasses and her umbrella open. I wonder why Mom always said to not open an umbrella in the house.... hummm..... Anyway, down she came. It ws so muffled that I really had no idea that is what had happened at first. It really took a minute for her to say "Mommmmyyyy" and start crying. Almost like she had surprised herself, not as if she had the wind knocked out or anything. She didn't seem to have even hurt herself at first, and then the pain hit her. Her shoulder.

    I couldn't see anything wrong at first. We moved to the couch and I gave her hugs and snuggles in between her sobbs while I tried to look at where it hurt without causing more pain or potential injury since I still knew nothing. About 15 minutes after the tumble, at noon, I saw it. A small blue knot on her clavical that justted out just a bit. Everything else just seemed normal though.

    Not knowing just what to do with her I called John. (Of course I called him, he needed to know since he was, in family tradition, traveling.) He said what I needed to hear... "Call Dad." Pefect, relief, no drive to the wrong place where no one will look at her or blow the incident one way extreme or another. (Especially when our insurance has paid a whopping 30$ worth of claims this year and negotiated 300$ off of the 1500$ we have paid out of pocket, not even counting Jack's homebirth midwife or my doula.... Let's just say out insurance is LESS than stellar right now. A joke when we pay over 400$ a month to them!!!!!!)

    He came right over, took one look at her and said, "Let's take her in to the Dr.'s" He saw the spot that had troubled me, and didn't know himself. She could move the arm out 90 degrees, but not straight out. She didn't pitch forward. But... edema doesn't set in hard so quickly and she couldn't get a full range.

    So, off we go to see the peds - you know, just in case. When I called that said hey would be happy just to see us at the hospital for an x-ray, but I suggested an office visit first to make sure we needed to go that route first. Okay thay said... 2pm is when they could see us. Perfect since we live so far away. Into the car.

    Just let me say, Grandpa sings his ABC's really well. We were almost off of 77 and onto 85 when Dory commented from the back in a small voice, "Boo-boo gone." We looked at one another and Grandpa then asked her if she could raise her hands over her head. Quicker than a blink, both were up. He looked at me and said, "Okay, you can turn around now." So, we did. No Dr.'s visit, just a short curative drive.

    At home we medicated with peanut butter sandwiches, lots of picture books read by none other than Grandpa, chocolate chip cookies and a secnod dose of Tylenol. She currently sleeping on the couch in front of the TV.

    So, long story short... she fell down the stairs, is fine but very very sore. :( And Mommy had quite a scare.



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