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    Sunday, May 27, 2007


    So, I went to a wonderful Bar Mitzvah yesterday... Mazel Tov Max!!!
    But very shortly after I came home, I sprained my ankle. BAD. The worst to date.
    So, in rush Becky, the IL's and Grand in order to help. I am very thankful.
    As I was sitting on the pavement outside cursing to high heaven and all my neighbors all I could think was *shit* I have 2 kids, both mobile, and one still locked in the car. Now what?!?!!
    Well, John is on his way home from a wedding in Louisville... Congrats Kirk and Jackie! So all will be well soon... other than what do I do tomorrow? I hope mommies come to my rescue. I am sure it will all work out just fine, but I sure feel silly crawling around on the floor like Jack.



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