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    Friday, July 13, 2007

    Intro'ing Baby Foods

    Jack has had banana a few times over the past few days. He is just munching off a few bites of mine, other thanone night at supper when I gave him about an inch's worth out in chunks for him to play with. He seemed to really like eating with us at the table.
    This morning he had his second bites of Sonagold applesauce as I was making Dory's oatmeal. He had his first taste of that a few days ago and didn't seem to like it too much. This morning he seemed thoughtful but pleased over his 3 baby spoonfuls.
    I guess we are on our way to a full fledge eating kid. I will however, continue to take it really slow. I know he wants them, but if his gut is damaged from the gluten, I don't want to hurt him any more. We have yellow days and green days, but it is now more yellow than green and that is a very good thing. I never thought I would have a kid with dietary restrictions. *sigh* But, while we still don't have tests and results... it is pretty obvious this is the case. So, we proceed with caution.



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