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    Friday, June 29, 2007

    It was the first time in 8 months....

    that I have walked out the door without a child, of any kind, for a length of time. I just spent slightly less than 2 hours blissfully all on my own. I ran into Mike Walker, I picked up a co-op order, went for coffee... and looked at the world without child lenses on. I saw road kill. Sound stupid? I am usually refereeing the back seat and looking out for other cars... way to busy to see road kill. I counted 4 squirrels. Bad day for squirrels.

    So, what does all this say?

    I have no clue what to do when on my own anymore.

    When I got home, John seemed exhausted and said he had been 'bit, scratched, hit, and generally mauled... and that was just the dog'. I replied... 'so, now you know why I am so tired when you get home?' He said, YES.

    The two hours were indeed very fleeting. I look forward to more.



    Blogger Ted said...

    I ran into something similar as my work-related responsibilities trended down to a mere 80 hours a week. I've had real trouble figuring out what to do with my spare time.

    The good news is you get the hang of it eventually. My advice? Find a hobby that has NOTHING to do with the thing that has taken up so much of your time.

    8:24 AM  

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