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    Friday, June 15, 2007


    Well, I have been sick all week. DOG sick.

    I was warned against not taking care of cross contamination. :(

    Anyway, I have had within the past week:

    -migraines (Hx of clusters, but this is my first real migraine)
    -light nausea
    -painful itchy rashes in no less than 8 places: knees, ankles, elbows...
    -brain fog
    -painful scalp
    -followed my nearly every other hair on my body reacting to touch with pain
    -throbbing knee/leg pains
    -crushing 'sinus infection' like head pain when I move... but it's a delayed reaction
    -fever w/ chills and sweats in rotation

    One time it got worse after I know I was glutened by cc.

    I thought that in the beginning I had an ear infection so I started treating myself with immune system boosters, like echinacea, fermented garlic, probiotics.... oh, the counter intuitiveness of it all. Apparently when you come off gluten the body's immune system goes into overdrive; I was making something bad even worse. I cut it all out about 3 days ago and I am slowly feeling better.... Shoot for as much pain as I am in I might as well have been doing recreational drug detox! Sheesh!

    I thought I WAS detoxing at first, but then it was suggested that I had been glutened in the beginning.... last Sunday when we used a particular porous piece of stoneware to cook that yummo chicken, maybe? *sigh*

    Well... I am sure that I am in this for the long haul now. This is HELL. Give me drug free childbirth any day.



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