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    Wednesday, June 27, 2007


    It has been awhile since I have given regular good updates. I feel like a bad blogger!

    The kids are growing so fast. Dory is giving up nap time in the afternoon, but by evening she is getting very unruly and very hard to manage. Jack is just all over the place and enamored with his big sister. She's just the coolest thing ever in his eyes. It is really neat to see. He sneaks watching TV pretty often but is really good about finding something else to do. He speed crawls, cruises, knocks stuff off tables, eats every leaf he can find so I come running when he starts to choke on it, LOVES to get into the dog food, and is the biggest momma's boy ever. He also has a nice collection of bruises on his face right now. A whopping 3 all on the right side. Dory is super clingy now days too. She wants to hold my arm all the time in order to cuddle with it. Odd. And has recently started to lift the corner of my shirt for skin to skin cuddling on my back when sitting on the couch... also odd. I think all of that has to do with a need for attention and more mommy time. Everyone needs more mommy time.. :( including mommy. LOL Soon, soon we will have Jack on solids and solidly on a sippy cup and it will allow mommy more freedom. Maybe then I can get a bit more time for everyone else.

    I have been busy sewing... I even had an order roll in from Hawaii last week. It really took me by surprise, but I am tickled. Maybe I don't get to deliver this one in person, but hey... in some sense I have made it down to paradise!! LOL Now, if I could just get my business cards done so I had something to hand out to direct people to the website! (BTW- it's www.jonquilmom.com) But, one thing at a time I guess. I have a ton of projects other than slings as it is.

    The garden is doing really well, we cages huge tomato plants this morning while Jack crawled around in red mud. He had a blast. Daddy and I got scratched up from the wire. Next year... cage EARLY, like when they are put in!!!! The beans are producing great even though the Japanese Beetles have taken over. They have been wonderful and tasty.. the beans that is, not the beetles. Radishes are also up and yummy. Go John. :)
    Dory added a parsley plant that she bought for a dollar at the Charlotte Tailgate Farmer's Market yesterday. She was so proud. That reminds me, I have to clean dirt out of her car seat... we had an accident bringing it home. Her marigolds are getting huge but the carrots and new zealand spinach have barely propagated. I am loving the kale though... it is doing very well!
    Our blueberries got ravaged by the beetles and the fact that I fertilized them at a very bad time. Live and learn.

    I will post pics in just a little bit. I have a few really good ones to share!

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