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    Friday, July 13, 2007

    The last Muggle Buck

    Well, for the last few Harry Potter books I have designed 'Muggle Buck' coupons for the bookstore. The last one was completed this morning. I am in a bit of shock that the last book is almost here. The end is near.
    The last few I have made in Photoshop and MS Word. This year, I don't have either. All I have is Apple's Pages. An unregistered trial version at that. I am not supposed to be able to save it at all that way, so I was thinking I would just buy it at the end... but I found out that if you select all and go to Preview you can make new from clipboard and save as a pdf. Perfect. It worked like a charm. I would love to post a picture of it... but I don't want to break laws or put the bookstore in a bind. So I won't.

    But, I'm proud of it.
    So, go get your copy at the bookstore, support the local independent, and see it there.



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