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    Tuesday, September 23, 2008

    To the ER we go!

    Ok, on with my story… Missed knit night tonight. Spent it in the ER with Hubby. He is the proud new owner of an Epipen.

    So, I was on the way back from the Tuesday Farmer’s Market and he called to ask where I was since he was locked out, not having taken his keys to work. I told him we’d be there soon and that he should pull some weeds….

    Got home and found him limping. A fire ant bed lit him up with 40-50 bites. He was standing on it because he thought he was backing in the holly bush and getting pricked. He completely tough guy ignored it. I was supposed to walk right back out to knit night, instead went to get benadryl at the super close store. Once I got there, he called… and we knew it wasn’t going to be enough. By the time I got home he was at the neighbor’s with the kids and I got the benadryl in him and called 911. As the paramedics were looking at him debating on a transfer, the lights swam on him. Off we went. Whole body was swelling. Lips, eyelids, arms, neck… teeth were going numb.

    Long story short… he’s lit up with benadryl, pepcid, prednisone and epinefrin… swelling is down and he’s snoring hard. He’s going to be completely fine, but on drugs for the next few days still. We all got back home about the time knit night was completely over, whole thing from when I got there to walking back in our door was about 3 hours. I gave him the fully earned hard time.

    So… ER - yeah, fun evening. I think I did good to get the food shoved still in my bag into the fridge.

    eta: John's Version

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