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    Saturday, May 30, 2009

    What a week...

    So, I've alluded to my ankle in the last post about Jack wandering out the door...
    365.155-2 Yikes
    Monday looked just about like this all day. Did I ever say this was fun? It's not, in case you were wondering. I'm sick of it. My foot is a very lovely shade of sickly yellow-green now and not anywhere near as swollen... but my butt is killing me. I honestly hurts from sitting so much with my foot up. Bah humbug.
    365.158 Will this never end?
    Over the week I have become more and more bored, and finally decided to rent a movie via iTunes since Netflix wasn't fast enough for once. I debated and debated... and in the end decided that if I was going to rip on Twilight as I had been doing among friends that I should go ahead and finally watch the movie.
    Dang, I'm a total sucker.
    I've had such a hard fall this week... make that 'falls'.
    By the 24 hours expiration period that iTunes gives you, I had watched it nearly 3 times. Now what am I doing?
    365.159 I've fallen again. Yeah, I bought the book. Just one so far... I figure it will force me to take them slower and spread my apparently inevitable irritation, that all of the other fans feel, out just a bit. I don't know quite what it is about vampires and teen flicks that I adore so much... but good grief. I feel nothing but absolute shame right now.

    Speaking of blood suckers, more enjoyment this week:
    365.156 Geeze dude.
    Yes, my red blood all over my white pajama pants thanks to this little evil thing. She bit the ankle that I hit on the bed while frantically trying to find Jack. Ouch. I feel even worse for Dory, she has 5 from a walk with my mom on Friday... and she welts like I do. Sorry kiddo.

    My highlight of the week was that after we had to cancel the trip to Tricia's house on Monday due to the first thing in the morning before-I-even-got-my-coffee sprain Tricia decided to come and visit us on Thursday for a few hours. The kids were so very excited. She got to spend a little time with each of us while she was here...
    365.157 Visits
    Have I mentioned that this pretty lady is getting married? Yep... and our household contains the Flower Girl, the Ring Bearer and the Matron of Honor.... (since this wedding will be in the summer in Charleston, I think it's gonna' get pricey quick.) I'm so excited for her! :)

    My other highlight this week... there was fluffy yarn mail. That always helps. :)

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