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    Thursday, June 11, 2009

    O hai, Ohio!

    365.169 OHIO!!!
    Oh, how I am SO glad to see you...

    The trip up... ha.

    Near Death!!


    Okay, let me back up... we had a great drive to Ohio yesterday. The kids *didn’t* squabble in the back, they played nicely with their lap boxes and few new toys. I tell you, those were a freakin stroke of genius on my part! I will TOTALLY toot my own horn on that one.

    Anyway, I even convinced Dory to take a nap by telling her it would make the time pass quicker and the two of them took a nice nap while it rained, no - torrentially downpoured for a few hours.

    It was a good thing they both slept. A really good thing.

    I couldn't see more than about, oh, 30’ in front of the car. Complete whiteout haze and rain. So, when the white truck in front of me that I could barely see stated fishtailing and hydroplaning... well, I paid attention. Of course it didn’t take more than a split second to see why... a tidal wave of mud and dirt was flinging itself across the road in front of me coming from the left. It was if a giant machine was digging and flinging it as hard and fast as it could - but I couldn’t see it. Between the whiteout and the mud wall flying at me I am amazed that we came out the other side to see a tractor trailer coming to a halt in the center median, folded in two, in my side mirror.

    It jackknifed right in front of me. Had I been 50’ further up the road... we would have been toast.

    Jack Knife

    But, we weren’t. Whew.

    I got off at the very next exit, in Corbin KY, in an attempt to calm my nerves. It was nearly 15 more miles until I was able to do that. My teeth were chattering as if it were 32F outside.

    I called John and told him I loved him and called my Mom to tell her THANK YOU for the safe travels prayers.

    We didn’t have any other issues the whole drive. All except for those few moments of terror were long car ride unheard of bliss.

    Now, was it worth it? I’m not sure I wouldn’t have preferred screaming the whole way. Really not sure....

    That said, we had a fun/cute little lunch stop. :)
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