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    Tuesday, July 07, 2009

    365.191 Just as you are. Right now. Today.

    Mary Heather (rainydaygoods on Ravelry) posted on Flickr a super sweet photo of herself for Operation Beautiful. Like quite a few of us who do the whole project 365, I was quite taken with it and decided to do one myself as my 365. I scrawled out a quick sign on Dory's art paper with her crayons and dashed out the door with Jack to the park where Dory was in camp to pick her up.
    Once I had her, I set up the camera, set the timer, let the lady sitting at the table behind the camera stare at me all puzzled, and made the mad dash back to the kids before the timer set off.
    Overall, I'm pretty pleased with it. What a wonderful thing we women need to be reminded of!
    However, unbeknownst to me until yesterday, this photo became my very first to hit Flickr's Explore! I'm in shock. Floored. Who knew? I won't begin to try to understand why or how the Explore really works with it's mythical 'Interestingness' factor... but I'm so honored. So I just had to share with you!

    See?!? Here is page #22:

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    Blogger TJACKwellness.com said...

    Hi, Jen! Haven't seen you in ages and remembered your blog. Can't believe how big the kids are! Love the pic and the message. Stop by vm sometime. We miss you!

    8:37 AM  

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