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    Saturday, April 08, 2006

    'mon, 'mere, Mo Willems & a little Stars Hollow

    When Dory says to you, "'Mon", she means "Come on". Apparently I have shortened my language and completely dropped the 'co' leaving just the 'm-on'. When she says "'mere", she means 'come here'. You get the idea. It's amazing what little people can tall you about yourself if you are just willing to listen.

    i.e.-Tonight as Grand and I raced through the 2nd disk of season 3 Gilmore Girls, Dory grabbed her laundry basket and proclaimed to Grand, "mon and!"... Grand looked at me puzzled and said, 'I don't know what she is saying....' So I translated. She is saying "Come on Grand, take the other handle and lets walk around the powder room 5 or 6 times until you collapse and find something else for me to do." She had tons of energy around 7pm, after her very long nap, after meeting legendary Mo Willems at Park Road Books this afternoon.

    Mo signed her books AND gave her a rock. It was really cute, really... We went last since I was helping out by being the official photographer and Grandma Patty had been kind enough to come too so that I wasn't worried about how low the cup of pretzels was getting or rather or not she was making a break for the front door (not that I think Sally would ever let that happen, but she can get busy, ya' know?) while trying desperately to get a good shot with no flash since the flash won't work at a distance.
    Anyway, so Dory walks up to him and says 'hi', and he comments on how blue her eyes are (smart man).... To which she responds 'Thank you.' Well, what a pleasant little toddler she is, and he of course ate it up. (I told you he was a smart man.) So then she points to a rock on the edge of the table and says to Mo, 'Rock!'. He says 'Yes, a little boy was nice enough to give this to me...' and then he asks, 'Would you like it?' She responds with a sheepish but very sure of herself, 'Yeah.' So, he autographs it, Mo, hands it to her and she lovingly gazes at it. Her very own rock. Wow.

    She could care less about the two new board books or the fact that he signed Knuffle Bunny and Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, nope... She has a brand new rock.

    Rock picture to follow tomorrow.


    Blogger Melissa said...

    It was so great to see you at the signing - Mo was awesome! (I hope you didn't think I was a stalker)


    8:11 AM  

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