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    Wednesday, April 05, 2006

    baby names, baby names...

    Baby names can make peope insane.... I thought John and I had it all figured out if this is another girl; we were agreed on Katherine Mae. We very well may still use it, but now we don't actually know. The discussion is open again since we didn't understand each other on why we chose that name.
    Absurd, huh? Well, that's us.
    Now there are new names up for thought, and I really like Eleanor Mae, and John likes Eleanor Katherine.... Anyway, we seldom agree on the names we do like... but as I was searching the Social Security Baby Names List (very cool site) I once again found Eleanor, which I really like and John informed me I liked last time. (I'll take his word for it...) It still isn't the most popular, which is important to me, and I love the old sound of it.
    When we come to some sort of consensus, we'll let you know. Don't expect it to be anytime soon though!

    Heaven help us if it is a boy... that might be even more difficult.


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