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    Saturday, April 01, 2006

    The next 6 days!

    This is a baby at 56 days gestation. We are right at 50 days today. In the next six days our baby will nearly double in size from 18.0 mm to 30.0 mm, roughly the size of the top of my husband's thumb. At 56 days the fingers and toes have seperated; eyelids and ears are all in place and growing. The liver is HUGE and the stomach very small while the intestines are moving out of the umbilical cord. In the next week, the eyelids will form, the eyes will travel from the sides of the head to a more central position on the face. From Sunday to Monday, days 51-52, the brain will make a big leap as the baby goes from 18.0 mm to 26.0 mm! From Thursday on, the baby is growing more than developing new things.

    This should explain why my nausea and fatigue are starting to subside!

    This was all taken from pages 157 to 195 in From Conception to Birth: A life unfolds by Alexander Tsiaras. I would stongly urge you to take a look at it! The pictures are absolutely beautiful, and from my understanding in the intro, the pictures were created from non-invasive technology and artistry.


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