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    Wednesday, March 15, 2006

    The phone won't work

    where we are staying in Lewisburg. It makes audioblogging a wee bit difficult. Oh well. I'll try to catch you all up on the week as I sit here in a bookstore coffee house in Kettering. You know, since my phone is nearly dead now that I have a signal.

    Sucks right now. I have figured out that all things sweet make me nauseous. I am tired and sleepy all of the time and don't feel like carrying on big conversations.... And tap water has become an odd sort of disgusting. Ah, as I recall, it does get better... In a few weeks.

    It's really quite cold. We saw sun for the first time since we got here yesterday, and with the sun came a cold front. It is supposed to snow tomorrow just in time for us to leave town. So today, it is sunny and bitter. At noon it was a wind-adjusted 31 degrees. At least it has ceased to rain. For now.

    That is going well. I have spent a good deal of time with him over the past few days and shortly be leaving to go see him for one last time this trip. His daughter Sue wants to meet us and has invited us for pizza tonight after work. I'm not honestly sure if I am ready to meet them, but oh well... he we go anyway.

    He is in love with Dory, thinking she is super intelligent and really pretty. And while I would certainly agree, I am a bit biased. He's a smart man.

    His home is really small and feels a bit empty in a just lost a spouse sort of way. I remember years ago visiting this bookstore before or around the time Borders bought it out and thinking, "My grandpa lives around here somewhere." That was well before I ever made contact. I remember wondering if I would pass his house and never know it. Well, the answer it turns out is YES. He lives two houses down from where I am sitting. And has for several years. It is the walking equivalent of about four blocks from right here, but at the correct end of the shopping center it is closer to about 1 block. It kinda has me stunned.

    When we met for the first time, we met at Panerra's right here in the center and then later went back to his place. As we were turning into the center, he turned right before me. It was the first time in my life that I could rightfully say, "Hurry up Grandpa" since he turned so slowly.

    I am really happy that things have turned out so well. I was a bit worried, although even then I didn't quite know why. I guess it was the fear of the upcoming situation of meeting his two other girls. All this time he has had a new family. Granted, I can certainly understand why he and my Grandmother split up, even if she doesn't. But, still.... No contact until me. I still don't get it and likely never will. I just don't know and it doesn't seem likely that I will find out. He is determined not to talk about the past... It seems like he is sticking to the old, if you can't say something nice adage.

    Other weird news...
    My sweet loving hubby has started a blog. And didn't bother to tell me. Almost like he wasn't going to, or was ashamed of it. It's quite humorous. phus-trated.blogspot.com Check it out!


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