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    Thursday, March 02, 2006

    Pregnancy Books

    I read all that I could get my hands on the last go around.
    In the end, I hated most of them for leaving me feeling patronized and talked down to or being overly medical. All except for Ina Mae's book. It was awesome and helped tremendously in my natural childbirth experience.
    This time, I am relying on some of my mommy friends to help in the selection. I have several on order and can't wait to dig in. I managed to pick up one of them today.... Adventures in Tandem Nursing. Yep, I am joining the freaky tandem nursing ranks soon, hopefully, unless Dory weans herself... but really the book is about nursing during pregnancy and after. Is that anymore freaky to you than nursing a toddler? (Don't answer that, I don't really care!)
    So, since I have no time to read anymore with someone running circles around me nearly all day.... I'll just have to chat with you later!


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