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    Friday, February 24, 2006

    ...the wrong diaper

    Okay, so when Dory was born I knew that I wanted to cloth diaper her. It was better for the environment and better for her skin. While it is cheaper in the long run it costs more upfront. And that's why we never seemed to get started with it. It really seems that you have to go all in, otherwise it is too hard to use two systems.
    So, for these 2 years, we have bought a few CDs and have never managed to make the jump. Oh, well.... There have been other things I have been great at when it comes to being a parent.
    In the meantime, we have used Pampers... They have worked wonderfully for us, often allowing me to be complacent about changing her because it holds so much. (Bad Mommy...) But before she was a year old, we had to move from the Cruisers to the First Steps since she learned to undo the tabs and take off her diaper. Good move overall. Requires complete stripping to replace a diaper, but it wasn't all that bad.
    Recently a few things have happened that has made all of this even more fun. The local Target has discontinued the First Steps and I have been trying to use a flushable diaper called littleG... gDiapers.com They are really good and well, don't take up space in the landfills and are sewer and septic safe. They are very cool. You snap an insert into what is basically a cloth diaper shell. Easy and great huh? Best of all they velcro BACKWARDS.... making it more difficult for her to dismantle... but not completely impossible.
    On with the story... Really, I am going somewhere with this! So, Target stopped my faves and forced me to buy a bag of Cruisers because all of the littleG shells were dirty from me not catching a full insert in time and the leakage that always ensues. Add to that the fact that I do not as of yet have many shells, only 2 that fit well. Remember my mentioning that I had become complacent? So we go home with our Cruisers and use them for a few days. Then I find the First Steps at the grocery, and as much as I loathe buying dipes at the grocery, I guess that I just will since Target no longer wants my business. So now I have one bag upstairs and one bag down. Apparently in the wrong places.
    I went out last night with the Moms in my University group from CharlotteMommies.com and had a great time. John played with her, fed her and put her to bed. Nothing abnormal really. She usually goes down naked (except for a diaper) unless it is cold in the house, and it wasn't. He is really great at putting her down when I am gone and it usually goes without hitch. Last night was indeed fine.
    This morning, as I was waking up, I heard a velcro ripping sound. Now, that is not enough to alarm me because 1.) She LOVES shoes and all of hers have velcro. It is completely normal for her to put on shoes and nothing else. She's a baby shoe fanatic. 2.) I always put her down in a diaper that she can't take off or at least put pants on with it so she can't get to it.
    A few minutes later I heard my dear sweet happy morning person daughter talking to herself in her room.... "poopy... diaper.... poopy..." So I roll over to my groggy love and ask him, "What type of diaper did you put her down in last night?" He replied, "Not the pull up kind, why?"
    *panic hits hard*
    Sure enough, she was sitting bare bunned on the carpeted floor with a piece of doody hanging off the rear, some was smeared on the door where she had backed up against the door to stand and the nicely full diaper was sitting beside her neatly laid out.
    She happily looks up and says to me, "Poopy, Mommy! as she pointed at the diaper without, thankfully, placing her hand or finger into the mess.
    I quickly wrap another Cruiser around her and head back to bed thinking, I'll get a few minutes... but very soon I hear the velcro again. So, into the shower she goes and I search her room for any signs of hidden stashes of fun. As it turns out, she just took off the second diaper as soon as she used it. Okay, at least she did that rather than decide her blocks bucket was a great toy potty, or worse.... The clorox wipes cleaned most of it very well.
    John then asks, "Did I use the wrong diaper?"
    "Well, yeah... you did, but I didn't ever tell you."
    And the moral of the story is..... even though it doesn't really come up in normal conversation and you assume you loved one knows how things normally run, don't. Make a point of listing such scenarios.
    Amazingly, it was very well contained but John will have to clean the carpet this weekend to remove a small spot... but be forewarned.... don't use the wrong diaper.


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