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    Sunday, February 19, 2006

    The Scrolls, Part 2

    The speaker at Church this morning was WONDERFUL. She had tons of information, some I knew and some I didn't. I understood the signifigance of the scrolls but neglected to understand the impact science has played in reading them and the unbelievable twists in their history. It's a miracle that they are even with us after being found!

    Anyway, I am also looking into going to the lecture series and volunteering if John will allow me to... he'd have to keep Dory while I was there.

    Some people have balked at the 20$ price tag for admission, but they fail to think about and understand all that has gone into this... For starters, the ticket cost includes an audio tour. More importantly,it is because of the special cases that Discover Place had TO BUILD for the scrolls. Think high tech movie climate controlled/armored cases. EACH scroll is insured for a million dollars, even though they are priceless and had to be flown 1st class in it's own seat on it's own flight with two human escorts (one awake at ALL times)..... Lots of money went into this, so hence the high 20$ ticket price.

    Once you are in, you are allowed to stay as long as you would like, and there are benches and at the begining a short intro video.

    They are considered the greatest archeological find of our century and the exhibit covers their religious, scientific and historical signifigance. It will be well worth the $20 if you can find it to go.

    Groups are 15 or more people and are 16$.

    See more at their website: www.discoverscrolls.org


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