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    Sunday, February 12, 2006


    I love my new iPod nano. My birthday present has finally arrived and I have spent the last few days of free time uploading all of my favorite CD's and finding the lyrics and album art to supplement it. I have been to the store to get scratch protection, a film that coves it and the colored Apple Tubes. Right now it is bright green, just like above. I have researched the best accessories and where to get them the cheapest. eBay is not the cheapest by far, BTW.

    One of the coolest things? It syncs with my Outlook, all of my appointment info is loaded so I have an appointment book to travel too. I can upload directions and not have to worry about papers and maps that can get lost. I had no idea when I got it.
    It's a little obsessive, I know. I'm just like that.

    So far, I have uploaded Jack Johnson, Nickel Creek, Grant Lee Buffalo, Sam Phillips, The Rat Pack, Evanescence, several soundtracks...
    Any suggestions for more great music?


    Blogger Mo said...

    I need one of those...

    2:49 PM  

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