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    Saturday, February 11, 2006

    It all came crashing down.

    Charlotte Mommies that is.

    The web forum came to a grinding halt for 2200 mommies in the Charlotte area yesterday. At first we thought it was a hacker. It turns out it was just a much more boring server crash. We lost all of our posts and our post counts but, glory be, we still have our galleries and userlists. Our admin has the kids at the grandparents for the weekend and is doing everything that they can to have us up and running again on Monday.

    God Bless Them.
    No, I mean it seriously.

    You have no idea what an addict you really are until you have been cut off from what ever it is. I do believe that I am starting to twitch at this point. *twitch, twitch* I said something to John last night to that very effect, and he said, "Seriously, you didn't know!?!!?" Well, um, no. I didn't quite get the full effect until now. As I read the first email sent out yesterday, I nearly cried.

    The worst part? I have friends on the site that I go to see at events and have no other contact info for them. I never have written down their phone numbers or emails. I didn't need to. I just sent them a private message. What was the need? Oh, yeah... in case the server crashes and we loose everything. Well, I have learned my lesson.

    I am beyond ecstatic that one of our esteemed admin sent my email addy to Mo. (Mo's blog links 'headsmacks' and 'idiot mom's guide to parenthood' are below... and hilarious!) So I have still managed to spend the day on the computer talking to others rather than cleaning the house.

    Relief did arrive this morning though. The email sent out today read:

    Good Morning Mommies!

    1. It does not look like we had a hacker, just a major crash. There was no abnormal activity on our account, so tech support said it was most likely a database malfunction. We feel confident that our security was NOT breeched.

    2. We have a good record of our membership, so all accounts will be restored with their original username and join date.

    3. Heather saved the February calendar and the Gallery photos

    1. We lost all of our posts
    2. We lost all of our post counts

    So basically all that is left of CharlotteMommies is us..which was what the site was anyways - a bunch of software and a lot of fantastic women. So all is not lost. We still have the most important thing - our mommies. :-)

    It also went on to say not to email the admin for other's email addresses.... that was probably my fault. Oh well! I was among the firsts and got what I needed. I feel very little remorse!

    So, we are okay. For the most part. We will of course have lots to reconstruct.... Some posts went on for 30+ pages. Like one for TTC and one of photos of babies doing different things as the previous poster requests. Others were recomendations for doctors and pediatricians... and warnings agianst other bad businesses that have screwed one of us over. (I forgot to tell you, we are called the Mommy Mofia for a reason. Don't mess with us!)

    I had just posted yesterday about one member who just passed 10,000 posts. She had an average of nearly 34 posts per day. I was wondering if anyone could beat her. Nope. But now... but now she is at zero, just like me. I have a chance at the crown! I was at 3.73 ppd with 1921 when we crashed. I only know this because I had looked first thing that morning. Freaky timing.

    Not the end of the world though. I'll just repost about the iPod help request and my questions about prenatal vitamins. I will update my avatar and signature. The other mommies still know me, I don't have to reintroduce myself.

    And as all the site's down emails close....

    "Quick, go clean something"

    Maybe I will.

    Um.... Nah.


    Blogger Mo said...

    You know...I was just thinking about all of this, exactly what you said. I found myself thankful there were no household/family disasters occuring in my life, because my support system had been disabled. If one had, who would I turn to? *twitch twitch*

    I am flattered that a fellow CM's first thought after the news of the crash was "How will I survive without Mo?" and went to all the trouble to get my e-mail address. (I was thinking the same thing about you, Jen)

    As for the non-mommies...if you're in the Charlotte area and hear a mysterious whispering wind in the next few days, don't be alarmed. It is the collective sigh of relief, breathed forth from 2200 thankful souls.

    7:19 AM  

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