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    Saturday, February 18, 2006

    I am glad to know Payton is alive!

    Sammy.... I am so glad your beautiful wife called me. Seeing as how you were never going to get around to telling me that the two of you had a little girl at Christmas! Some friend, I tell you!!! Going out west, never calling or emailing... never even giving me your contact info and not letting me know if you read the emails I did send!!! ;) Then moving back to civilization and not letting me know... I love you, you know that... BUT DON'T DO THAT TO ME AGAIN!

    Anyway, the Baptism was beautiful and I can't believe how beautiful the family has become. I was glad that I could make the 9am Last Second Notice Baptism (Okay, it's not like I usually have plans, but do you really want to plan on that for something as important as this?), even if you were running right on "Sammy Standard Time". Let me tell you, by the time I left the house this morning, it was good that there were no cops around. I drove home a bit slower.

    Well, when I got home, John was getting sick and Dory well. Quite a team they are, switching places like that. Oh well, such is life here at planet mommy. They did have a reportedly great morning without me, although Dory would not go down for a nap until I arrived home. John felt badly that he didn't get a chance to see his Godson.

    It was great catching up with you and I hope the two of you have an awesome weekend up in Ashville. It's great you can get away like that. I do hope we can get the families together this summer for a vacation.


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