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    Monday, February 13, 2006

    Charlotte Mommies / Mommies Network

    Is up and running again. The collective sigh has been released and we are all posting like mad. If you are a mommy and in the Charlotte area, I urge you to join our support group. If you are a mommy outside of Charlotte, then check the Mommies Network for a forum in your city/area. We are starting them all the time. (One opens in Hawaii soon!) If you are not a mom, well.... sorry, you are just out of luck.

    They are also looking for a good man to administer the Daddies site. Maybe one day.

    Read more at www.charlottemommies.co...

    Oh, yeah... and for one very brief shining day, I was among the top ten posters... I even hit #7 for a few hours. Now, the madness has ceased and I'll go back to my regular CM addiction.


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