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    Sunday, February 12, 2006

    What I did on my CM vacation.

    In the spirit of summer vacation essays...

    I have worked on this blog, trying different things with the template, actually changing the template outright. The old one was just a wee bit too pink for me. This one had dots all over the background, but they were bugging me. As I have edited, it looks like I have it optimized for Firefox right now; it appears a little funny in IE. Sorry. I'll figure out this stuff soon enough; you'll just have to bear with me. I've really figured out quite a bit already. If I could just learn to be content with someone else's designs my life would be so much easier. I have to tweak everything from sewing patterns to page formats. One day I'll learn.

    I had a chat box up earlier but it was creating pop up ads, and I certainly don't want those to bother you. I am waiting on approval for a new one that is in beta stages that should not have that problem. It will hopefully be active in the next few days. The one that was up earlier, it was really slow too.

    I've also been creating new posts and sewing...

    Yes, that's right, sewing. A retro print baby doll dress, a knitting needle case and matching bag, hip baby slings for a friend's upcoming birth...
    Haven't touched the house. And it is driving me nuts. I'm wanna be a clean freak. But I am not. Sad really. I need to do dishes, laundry, vacuum, pick up the tornado of disaster my angel has left in her tracks.

    I will post pics of my wares before I lose them this time. But alas, adventures in mommyland has to begin again. Dory is sick and awake. If you have kids, you know what that means.


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