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    Tuesday, March 07, 2006

    Meeting Grandpa

    This week will be something that I have thought about and dreamed of for many years. I will finally be meeting my Grandfather Kell. I will be traveling to Ohio on Friday with my family and we will take it from there...
    For quite a bit of my life he was so out of the picture that I considered myself Greandfather-less since the other one died of cancer when I was little. Well, when Dory was born, I wrote Grandpa Kell a note letting him know that he had another Great-Grandchild. I figured he had the right to know, no matter what family problems were in the past. I didn't expect anything in return, not even an acknowledgement. Instead, I recieved a wonderful letter and a new Grandparent.
    It has been a bumpy road for the rest of my Mom's side, they were not really sure about re-establishing ties, but all seems to be going fairly well as they have adjusted to the ripples I have caused. I guess they might think it more Tsunami like....
    Anyway, it's a new leap for me, and I am excited about it.


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