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    Tuesday, April 04, 2006

    Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens

    Since the time change hit, Dory had sliced her finger and John had skinned' up his leg... We headed out to the Gardens after we missed Church on Sunday morning in order to have some great family time. It was wonderful!
    Dory loved the water fountains and John enjoyed looking at the plants. I just enjoyed watching them both have such a great time!
    Afterwards we headed to a Fish Camp for lunch... John's first time at a traditional Southern fish camp, as well as Dory's. Maybe it was even my first time, but I don't know to tell the truth.
    We headed down to my Mom's house afterwards to visit for a short while, since she broke her leg and could not make it to Dory's party last weekend and we were pretty close after having been at gardens.

    On another Stowe note.... My daughter is a thief.
    I took out the stroller on Sunday to walk around at Stowe Gardens and found........
    A pair of navy blue size 3.5 leather mary janes from Tot Trade. *shock* I didn't pick these up, she can't fit into them. She wears a 6! And she was out of the stroller there for a few minutes.....
    It shows a new depth to her love of shoes.
    On the upside, they were 3$, it was the last day close to the end and they were marked to be donated.... but I still feel bad about it.
    My not-even-2, the one who looks so innocent below, darling daughter is a thief.

     A tulip!

     Dory at the first big fountain!

     Dory close-up... Notice the stylish sunglasses and hat!

     Some beautiful jonquils.

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