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    Monday, September 04, 2006

    Great Weekend and other Developments

    So, this weekend has been wonderful following the trauma of Friday. John has been at home for much of it and we have had another great family weekend! We went swimming for the very first time as a family on Saturday... But of course my swim suit doesn't quite fit very well so I just watched the two of them have a blast together.
    Another little boy and his family showed up at the pool and the two of them chatted a bit and shared toys. :) I love that she is so good at sharing!

    Also, pretty new development for her, when she was asked what her name is she replied Dorothy rather than Dory. This morning she even called herself Dorothy Grace, it is so cool to watch her grow up and learn.

    After the pool we went out to eat, I wanted steak and then took Dory to ride the carousel at the mall. At dinner we were sat in what I can only describe as 'Toddler Row', three booths in a line with high chairs at the ends; it was really cute to see the three of them jabbering and flirting with each other throughout dinner... She can make friends anywhere. It was a wonderful time had by all! The carousel is a just a once in a while thing... This was only her 2nd time. She had a BLAST waving to her Daddy with every round, her smile was HUGE.

    She has been learning quite a bit lately about names and it is driving John nuts. She has taken to calling us 'John' and 'Jenny', as she is learning that we have actual names other than 'Mommy' and 'Daddy'. John hates it when she does this, but it is just a phase and she is certainly testing limits, boundaries and new knowledge out. I am very confident she will loose interest in it and move to other new and at times annoying things. :) She has with everything else.

    Grandma Marcille had a great idea for the Pottery Barn crib sheet that Dory minimally ripped on Friday... Sew an applique over the holes. I have some great soft white fuzzy fabric that will be perfect for a cut out sheep and blend in perfectly with her room, so I am off to do that this afternoon. It was a marvelous idea, and I am not sure why I didn't think of it myself. I'll post before and after pictures.

    On the poopy front... We now have further adventures. She still is traumatized by the bathtub, and is now, as of this afternoon, afraid of pooping in her bed. :( I guess I have to go and buy the book Everybody Poops. I just hope it helps. She is currently playing with her baby dolls in her room and not sleeping, even though she seemed okay with the idea of sleeping in the chair. *sigh* she still does not seem ready for potty training; she won't tell me beforehand, just afterwards.

    Yesterday was lazy for us all, even though John went to work for a short time... I worked on the scrapbooks (Dory's and one for the Monkey Man), Dory played and napped and we just generally had a relaxing day.

    This morning EVERYONE slept in until 9:20 and then Daddy made blueberry pancakes for us. :) Yummy! Then he left for work. :( Not so yeah, but it should be a really short day for him... Being Labor Day and all. Okay... Well, that pretty much chronicles our past few days... :) I hope you enjoy reading about our boring lives! ;)


    Blogger Rachel said...

    What a great weekend you guys had. I wanted to tell you that I bought everybody poops for my daughter and it helped wonderfully. Love your blog.

    8:15 PM  

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